New Moon in Gemini


The New Moon in Gemini gives you the opportunity to feel into the in-between spaces of polarities. You can use the dual nature of the Twin Star archetype to find non-dual experience. How does the binary feel? How does non-binary feel?

With Jupiter in opposition in Sagittarius, you have the option of expanding our understanding of your self and the world around you, or you reversely you will inhibit your experience by holding on tightly to the stories you believe about your self.

If you can spread into the experience and let go of any grasping, expanding into a new standpoint on your self can awaken the Spirit in you. This New Moon squaring Neptune in Pisces creates a nice window to lean into your spiritual self. As you see the the fullness of your self, can you see the bigger picture from that standpoint?

Great things to do right now is any sort of creative artistic project, music, or writing, meditation, yoga, prayer, divination. Be watchful if you are checking out via sexual compulsion or food indulgences.


June New Moon Meditation

Planetary Tune-In



This month’s deck is The Starchild Tarot.


Two of Crystals

This month is asking you to expand via balance. Where are you directing all your energy? Harmony is no something that just manifests on its own – it takes will and intention. As we move with the flow of life, we can be pulled all sorts of ways by all sorts of things, and that can get us stuck in certain aspects of our lives or particular situations. It’s imperative that you are intentional with where you’re resting your time and attention right now. Make sure you are planting the seed that you really, truly want to see grow.


Six of Crystals

Feel into the abundance in your life, dear Taurus. How can you move in your life from a place of prosperity? How can you let all that you have help you move forward into what you want?  Better yes, how can you let all that you have help you connect with your community and be of service? You have so much to give so give it. Get altruistic and go inward of what would truly be of value to you right now and what you can do to foster that.


Ace of Cups

Happy Gemini season, Twin Star. Take this time to celebrate with the ones you love and be open to connecting with new folks right now – shouldn’t be too hard for you, Gem. Let yourself feel good and sprinkle those good feels all over everyone you meet. Let this time be a space for you to level up. Use your intuition as you move through the month to practice feeling in relationship to others instead of thinking in relationship. Expand into the deeper side of things by letting yourself love everything and everyone. 


Page of Cups

Trust yourself, sweet Cancer. Things may be a we bit intense right now. You may be feeling fired up, restricted, on feel like everything around you is in chaos. Try to know that you are on the right path. If you are doubting this too much, it may be a good time to do something creative to help you suss out what is what. Use this as a means to get into your intuition. Your inner knowing is strong right now even if you don’t feel like it is. Let it guide you though this time.


Ten of Wands

You have to hone in on your intentions and meet them with action if you want to get where you desire to be. You may feel overwhelmed, but sometimes you have to put in the extra effort to change the way things are. It may feel like you are trying but really be honest with yourself if your choices and actions are aligned with your intention. Know that you can do it – and. do. it. If you need to ask for help, ask for it. You don’t have to do it all alone, dear Leo. That might be the thing that makes the world of difference.


Ace of Crystals

There is a lot of potential in the air, Virgo. But if you get lost in a sea of unconscious feelings or criticisms, you won’t be able to align with the support that is there for you. Do the work to get out of your own way. Focus on allowing yourself to really go after your wantings and trust that you can have them. If it feels helpful, come up with a plan. This way you can really be on the lookout for the opportunities and chances to move closer to what you desire.


The Moon

What is holding you back, dear Libra? Right now is an excellent time to dive into the depths of your psyche and feel into where your blocks are. You are so skillful at bringing balance to the world around you – can you bring that balance to your inner world? Let your lighter side meet  your shadow side. There is potential stored in that part of you and turning away from it because it’s uncomfortable is doing you a disservice.



Change can feel good. A lot of times we think it’s always a challenging process (because change *is* hard) and we can also see how the sudden changes in our life can actually help us land more. Can the changes in your life be something you rest on? If that doesn’t feel doable, then you’re being asked to nurture the shit out of yourself. Can you hold yourself tenderly and lovingly as you me the impermanence that is a built-in aspect of life?ing


The Empress

Sweet Sag, any friction in your life is here to help you expand. Can you feel into your edges and go a little bit further? Can you be receptive to all that is coming up for you? Soften into your experience because there is a lot of force behind what is happening in your life. Open as much as you can to it. Let your spiritual self aid you here. Find creativity in meditation, prayer, and embodiment. These tools will help more than you can imagine.


The Magician

Shit. Is. Changing. And it may be hard but lean into your will and determination to really create the life you want. What tools do you have that can help you navigate this time? How can you sit in the polarity of life and death, chaos and structure, and the above and the below in order to manifest your heart’s desires? You can really land a lot in the material world right now if you want to, sweet Cap. Try to let your feelings be one of the tools you use to take on this potent time. The deeper you can feel into your heart and soften to all that is shifting, the more can come through for you.


Nine of Swords

Don’t over think it! Whatever *it* is, try to find a flow. We can be really hard on ourselves at times and that is going to do the opposite of help right now. Reaching out and leaning on loved ones is a wise choice in this time. Let them reflect back to you what they see in your situations and be open to changing your perspective. There is a way of rising above our neurosis like a sail to catch the winds of change to help you move along. Your goals are not as far away as you may imagine.


Seven of Cups

What are you indulging yourself in right now, dear Pisces? Where have you gone in the deep end that you shouldn’t have. This can even be in our own mind. If we completely remove ourselves from reality then we have no way to live out our dreams. Now is an ideal time to take a dream and ground it with a concrete plan. What steps do you need to take to do what you dream about? Watch out for temptations that aren’t helpful during this time. Disassociation and escapism can come is lots of forms and you have to choose to stand rooted in reality in order to move forward.